Welcome to IP Forensics Ltd.

Welcome to IP Forensics Ltd. We are a brand protection company specialising in IP enforcement, commercial fraud investigation and security. We protect rights holders from exploitation by protecting profits and preventing losses. Our core services are tailored to provide effective investigation into IP infringement, all aspects of security and fraud & theft investigation.

With our primary offices being based in the UK and Ireland we have developed a reputation for providing quality investigations in those countries. We regularly work across Europe and have established partners enabling us to work in most other countries around the world.

Please follow the links to learn more about how IPF can deliver a return on investment through our bespoke approach to investigation, enforcement and security. We measure our success by the RETURN ON PROTECTION we deliver for you.

Whilst having our services defined into separate areas helps to demonstrate the nature of our core competencies, we have however found that there is another key service that we provide that is harder to categorise. Over the years our clients have begun to depend upon us as to assist with those difficult matters that all Executives and Managers are presented with from time to time. Whether it’s the nature of the issue or the geographic locus that poses the challenge we are often the “Go To” people they think of.

As the “Problem solvers” or “Fixers” we have often been able to resolve client’s issues and saved them hours of frustration by providing solutions. Some of those issues have included:

  • Providing Senior level Investigating Officer for a serious crime investigation in a foreign territory
  • Arranging a technical counter-measures operation prior to a high level meeting
  • Providing Fingerprint Officers and managing a complex investigation relating to election process integrity
  • Investigating and interviewing staff regarding potential fraudulent behaviour for a global client
  • Attending conferences and seminars representing brand owners

Of course whether the matter involves dealing with confidential information, staff or external hostile intent all of our actions respect privacy and comply with all relevant legislation. The image and reputation of both our own and our client’s is paramount and would never be compromised – see our Code of Professional Conduct, Data Protection Compliance Statement and Quality Policy and Objectives.

No matter what type of issues you’re wrestling with just ask IPF. We’re here to help.


2012 – Paul Thomas, Managing Director, was awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Investigative Practice by Teesside University.


2011 - IPF was recognised by an award from a global branded clothing client for their commitment to the protection of their intellectual property rights.


IPF celebrates the completion of its 5th successful year in business in April of 2013. We would like to thank all our clients and our staff who have made this possible.