The IPF approach to tackling counterfeiting is through designing a client tailored strategy based on a return on investment model. Profiling targets, proving liability, calculating damages, identifying assets and recovering damages are key IPF specialisms. By developing a sustainable anti-piracy program it is possible to convert lost sales to real business growth. Using a range of enforcement options, and matching appropriate actions to targets, the client is assured of benefitting from a high impact program.

Test Purchasing

Whether through mystery shopping or remote transactions, test purchasing is a vital tool in proving and determining the nature of the infringement. It is essential to create a robust cover and use experienced operatives to ensure success. Equally, the integrity and continuity of the evidence chain must be preserved. IPF has experience in managing worldwide test purchase programs for blue chip Corporations and is able to operate in all regions.

Surveillance and Observation

Targets require proportionate tactics and, when appropriate, surveillance and observation can provide valuable evidence and intelligence necessary to develop a case. Our operatives have years of experience gained from Police, Military and Commercial fraud investigation backgrounds and are equipped to observe and capture relevant evidence using latest technology. They are fully conversant with RIPA, Data Protection and HRA principals.

Parallel Import/Grey market

Brands can be exploited by targeting the distribution channels of genuine product. Often referred to as parallel imports, or grey market, products designed and distributed to one territory can be diverted or exported to another. This practice can be obscured through the use of front companies and a protracted supply chain and cause substantial losses to brand owners. IPF has a proven track record in investigating cases of this nature and recovering damages.

Internet Investigation

Auction Site Monitoring

Through using bespoke spidering based on crawler technology, we can provide clients with a dedicated service supplying qualified leads. The targets identified will be ranked and rated allowing for the appropriate action to be taken. Clients can engage directly with the service through a dedicated interface or, if they prefer, opt for regular reports and updates.

Mail Order Sites

Targets will sometimes use the internet to market infringing products supplied directly through mail order. These sites can look extremely convincing and use techniques aimed to fool the consumer, such as linking to genuine sites and giving assurances as to authenticity. Our services will identify these sites and those responsible for operating and hosting them.

Digital Delivery

Products capable of being delivered digitally can be targeted by a range of distribution methods including direct download and file sharing technology. Our services can identify such infringements and capture the evidence through test purchasing in accordance with relevant rules of evidence and ACPO guidelines.

Brand Awareness

Deep dive analysis and infiltration of blogs, chat rooms and forums can identify new threats and exploits, providing clients with business intelligence and an early alert. This allows for prevention, disruption and tactical deployment to protect the clients brand reputation and IP.

Fraud Investigation

Frauds are perpetrated in various ways and can seriously impact the financial health and status of a company or individual. The Oxford English dictionary definition of fraud is:

“A wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. A person intending or thing intended to deceive”.

Tort is defined in law as:

“A wrongful act or an infringement of a right (other than under contract) leading to legal liability”.

When frauds are committed by large organisations, rather than individuals, it is often referred to as corporate fraud. Frauds can be complex and protracted to investigate but are not inevitable and should not be tolerated.

Losses attributed to fraud vary widely but whether committed by employees or external entities can be identified, detected and prevented. At IPF we pride ourselves in our ability to conduct comprehensive and diligent investigations discreetly and professionally.

Whether by using technical, traditional or an amalgam of various techniques we can deliver the results that enable the victim to take the action they choose.

Asset tracing

Fraud and asset tracing enquiries often go hand in hand. Asset identification and location are essential elements in being able to recover losses suffered through fraudulent behaviour. Whether following a paper trail or developing intelligence led sources, preparing a full asset profile allowing for freezing, search and seize opportunities can lead to substantial recoveries for clients.

IPF has an impressive track record in asset tracing and has been involved in the discovery of multi million pound assets leading to the successful settlement of damages claims.

Due Diligence

There are various definitions of due diligence but all effectively include the requirement to undertake a process of investigation, into the details of a potential investment or acquisition, that should include an examination of operations and management and the verification of material facts.

Effective due diligence should provide the client with the assurance essential to proceed with confidence. Substandard enquiries can potentially expose the client to liabilities inflicting serious harm to finances and reputation.

IPF personnel have the knowledge, experience, expertise and skills to conduct your due diligence enquiries and provide the information enabling effective decision making.

Mystery Shopping

IPF has been supplying mystery shopping services to several clients for many years now. Our experience has shown that the results obtained correlate clearly to the skill, expertise, experience and knowledge of the operative carrying out the visit.

Our mystery shopping teams are provided with the necessary training to ensure that they have a comprehensive knowledge of the client’s business, products and services. We also ensure that only operatives appropriate for the client’s customer demographic are used. They are fully instructed on the aims and objectives of the visit, area of focus and any prior concerns. The client feedback report provides, in comprehensive detail, the operative’s findings, evaluation and recommendations.

Some clients require test purchases as part of the mystery shopping visit. This can be to ensure supply chain integrity, provide a market survey on the availability and distribution of their products in any given locality, or to seek to corroborate business intelligence suggesting wrong-doing.

Other clients are seeking to evaluate staff performance, checking compliance with company guidelines and policies or identifying training needs and requirements. In other cases staffing issues have been the primary concern.

Mystery shopping has often led to improvements in staff training, identification of business vulnerabilities and potential exploitation as well as increased product security through education, engineering and enforcement.

We are happy to discuss your mystery shopping needs and tailor a solution appropriate to your requirements.