Quality Policy and Objectives

Quality Policy

IP Forensics Ltd is committed to complying with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems Management standards. We seek continual improvement through a process of setting quality objectives, reviewing our systems, identifying corrective and preventative actions and implementing improvements.
We set out our commitment to our clients in our code of professional conduct to assure them that their instructions are handled within the highest moral and ethical principles.

  • We will only use resources approved and vetted by IPF personnel
  • We will only ever use tactics, equipment and procedures that comply with local law and regulations
  • We will document our actions and provide the client with a detailed report of our research and findings
  • We will respect and protect confidential information within the boundaries of local law and regulations
  • We will conform to privacy and Data Protection legislation
  • We will provide transparent invoicing
  • We will actively seek and respond to client feedback

The quality of our services provides the client with the assurance they need that their instructions are managed with trust, integrity and in compliance with our quality policy. Our assurance of quality pro- vides the client with the confidence and satisfaction that our service will meet their needs whilst aiming to exceed their expectations.

Quality Objectives

  • We aim to respond to instructions with an acknowledgement of receipt within one working day
  • We aim to provide the client with an initial assessment of the feasibility of the instruction within two working days
  • We seek to always complete our investigations within the timeframe agreed with the client
  • We seek to furnish the client with a written report detailing the results of our research, investigations and findings within two working days upon completion of the instruction
  • We aim to provide the client with the reported audit results within the agreed timeframe
  • We will provide prompt comprehensive and costed quotations for enquiries upon request. We will not exceed agreed budgets without prior authorisation