Supply Chain Theft


Product security is often most vulnerable during transit. Also the involvement of multiple carriers, transit through hubs and variable security requirements means that only a thorough investigation will determine whether or not correct and appropriate procedures have been followed and complied with in the event of loss. Establishing liability for losses can save the client considerable sums and prevents unnecessary insurance claims. Our investigators already conduct supply chain security investigations for many of our clients and have a reputation for thoroughness and determination together with an impressive track record.

Security Surveys

Brendan Mallen heads the team responsible for conducting and consulting on security surveys. Brendan is a certified Protection Professional (CPP) and is a former holder of the World Association of Detectives Security Professional of the Year award.

An effective security survey will not only identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities but can also highlight inefficiencies and wastage. Over engineered solutions are expensive in installation and maintenance. Our surveys are designed to evaluate the current systems and processes as well as identifying the best solutions for the client’s needs. As we don’t sell systems our surveys are as likely to result in client savings as they are in recommending additional expenditure. Getting more from less is often achievable.

Security Audit

Fixed Site and In-Transit Protection

IPF has accredited security specialists experienced in supplying security advice and solutions to our corporate clients. Vulnerabilities in supply chain security can be exploited to provide a source of genuine products to the infringing trader. Strengthening those weaknesses by deploying effective security enhancements is often a cost effective remedy for clients. Regular reviews of security ensure the deterrent remains effective.

Technical and Personnel

Our security audits, review and inspection will cover the range of security implementation including both human and technical resources. Resultant recommendations will cover suggested enhancements to staffing levels, skills training and equipment levels.

Policies and Procedures

Our security service also extends to providing a wide range of security solutions from providing a full bespoke security policy to recommending improvements to current procedures.

Physical Penetration Testing

Security is only as good as its compliance to policies and procedures and adherence to guidelines. Often the weak point is found within the people resources within the security structure. IPF has a highly trained and experienced team of operative with all of the requisite skills to fully test the robustness of the actual security in place. Whether concerns are from commercial espionage, theft, violent attack or extreme protest groups we can test the security implementation and recommend improvements and remedial measures.

Compliance Audit


Unlicensed or under-licensed use of products can amount to a substantial loss of revenue to rights holders. IPF is experienced in conducting compliance audits to ensure legitimate use of licensed products. By following agreed terms of inspection the true use scenario can be established and any discrepancy rectified. An asset management process can be designed and implemented to prevent future licensing shortfalls occurring.

Product Identification

Our experience demonstrates that any audit needs to establish proof of authenticity as well as the volume of usage. We have experienced product identification examiners able to identify the fakes from the genuine thereby extracting full benefit from the opportunity presented by the audit.

Proof of Purchase

Often the indication of illegitimate supply is identified through that source of supply. By matching the supplied product to the supplier and following the paper trail, the extent of the supply chain can be revealed. New targets are discovered and additional evidence gathered for use in current cases.